Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chair Repair...

That's Lorrie's chair.
That is also Lorrie's repair job.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lorrie is at it again!

So, I thought I had to sneak up on Lorrie but as you can see I was pretty safe
over by the calender... Once in awhile he'll wake up to catch me oddly close to his
sleeping brother. He wakes from his slumber to see me, with phone in hand,
hovering over the defenseless Louie. I weasel my way out of the situation, usually
without a photo...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tower of Power

The Tower Of Power.
One day I'll open one of these and take a look. As I understand it these are tax papers. I think there may be enough of these to build a modest fort. And what is that case? A plane's missing flight recorder?

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is the type of shit...

This is the type of shit I have to deal with here at Prime.


I am adding another Team board to the order below. This time do not ask our driver"What do you want now". I do not understand why you always give people attitude, many of our shops owners would rather have Prime ship their orders instead of picking them up because they do not like dealing with you. Try smiling sometime it may improve your overall personality with the public you deal with . After all without their business you would not have a job.


This was in my mail box this morning. If you are reading this chances are you know that I'm an ass but I would also hope that you would know that I'm just a sarcastic asshole. Not sure that makes a difference and maybe I should tone it down at times but in this case I say fuck it. Diana works for a skateboard company called Armada. She is the mother of the owner, Al Garcia. She felt the need to step in to deal with me (and Prime) because Al was upset with my honesty. Without going in to a long back story I will simply state two examples that will explain my shitty attitude, or non-smiling, as Diana might say...

#1: Armada has bounced a check for $20. Not once but twice.


#2: Armada orders are usually in the ball park of 1 or 2 decks at a time. I do not have time (and believe me when I tell you how much of my and Erika's time they take up) to deal with a company or shop that can not produce orders of any quantity let alone pay for them...

This is some kind of hobby time and should be treated as such. Did I ask the poor kid "what do you want now?" You can probably guess that I did but as I said before - fuck it. You have to be kidding me when you roll in for 2 boards. And these orders, for the most part are for the "team". It is rare that a shop places an order. I know I'm a little rough but I do have a number of customers that have stuck with me over the past 10years of skateboard sales excellence. That's got to count for something right..? Why Phil (the missing Prime brother - he's not here often enough for me to take a photo) deals with Al and his Armada I'll never know. I just do not get it....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Abrasive Specialties!

So, the best thing going in the damn place is on the side of a box. A box.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Found this chillin on the drill press. I don't know.


Here we have Lorrie in his youth. Of course this is a photo of himself on the wall behind his desk.
You smooth devil you.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Do I really need to say anything here..?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

THE Hat!

Louie does not wear this, as far as I have seen but its his. Safe in the tool closet with his male model nail file... I might have to wear it around the warehouse one day, telling him its mine... he may not ever know its his...

Friday, February 1, 2008

ah... Louie has something in his Tool Closet

Louie's beauty products in full effect. This is what was found in the tool closet (read that how ever you like). That is one sexy nail file... I guess he really uses that thing - are you fucking kidding me?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Work Station #2

Might as well move on to the beautiful seating options next to Work Station #1. Here we have Work Station #2. That's a printer. That's a pink seat that does not fit on the chair frame. That's inspiration.

Work Station

I submit the following: The Work Station.

I guess when the computer (in this case the monitor only) is useless you do not think to toss it in the trash, donate it or recycle it. You just go ahead and move it some place else. I would toss it but I'm afraid they would be upset with me.

Bonus: this is one of many pieces of restaurant style furniture you will find upstairs at Prime. Making business happen here at Prime.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

You know who shows up.

Good old what's his name looks over the eating area downstairs... If you look closely you'll see "When do you come back" scrawled out under the portrait.

The Car Drawing

So here is the drawing above Lorrie's desk. I do not know the history of it but you will see that there is a photo of a similar car on the right side of the frame. The guy in the photo looks to be a younger Lorrie. I'll take a close up of that and I'll ask him about the car. Who drew it and all of that... There is another Corvette photograph and 3 photos of a Benz. I couldn't tell you what year or make they are... The odd thing about this is that these brothers (all 3 brothers, not sure about the mystery brother) drive Cadillacs for years now...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lunch table

The guys down stairs are classy. Make no mistake.

Desk of Erika

Working conditions at maximum efficiency. This is the hub of the finance department. As you can see Erika has everything under control. In truth this is whats behind her desk... The desk itself is in a bit better condition... Photo to follow.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I can't live without my RADIO!

Just in case you needed a 20+ year old radio, we have one.

Bed Time

You would think the two of them would be sleeping in the warehouse... We have mattresses available.

Cast Member #2: Lorriezzzzzzz....

So, here is Lorrie. The keeper of post its. Yes, that's a skateboard brand shirt, Darkstar (of course) which signifies to all that come to Prime that he is indeed a "man of skateboarding". As you can see he has picked a nice warm little spot down stairs. This makes it a bit tougher to photograph. I do not want to us the flash but the light from outside is too bright. Have to move in for the shot. I have a feeling we'll be seeings some super close ups soon...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cast Member #1: Louiezzzzzzzzzzz....

As you can see, this blog is going to get creepy as I sneak around trying to take photos of half dead old guys... That's Louie. I must have walked past him 6 times. Nothing. I'll work up to some close ups before long... It's 1:00 pm by the way.


Is there a reason these have been here for 30 years? Maybe longer? Can you see the dust?

Coffee Cans and Owls = hat holders

Well, I really blew this one. About a year ago, maybe more, there were 12 coffee cans up there. The BIG size. For some reason Louie got so upset when I started throwing them away. I didn't realize that those cans where his hat holder. Yes, that's right. His hat holder. I guess the owl is his guardian of the hat. So now we only have 2 cans. And an owl.

The Desk of Louie...

I was told that Lorrie's desk looked like it was staged (see below). That it couldn't possibly be like that at all times. I'm here to tell you that the photo was not set up. Its been like that since I've been here, a few years now. To contrast Lorrie's desk I present to you the working space of Louie. I think its safe to say that the computer has never been turned on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ready for the first of many Prime Wood Products Office Quizzes? Go!

Can you find the computer in this photo? Bonus question: If a computer is found, is it plugged in?

For those of you that know the characters, this is Lorrie's desk. I'll have photos of the players soon. Just waiting for them to fall asleep downstairs...

Monday, January 14, 2008

So, here is the long promised documentation of my days at the Prime Wood Products headquarters in beautiful Hawthorne California.

I've decided that it is now time to bring the magic that I have long been hording to the masses. Some of the images may be shocking to some. So, please, brace yourself.
I thought it might be in good taste to start by presenting some of the quality fine art I am fortunate to have surrounding me during my work day. I think that's a Pollock in the back there. I'm not sure thought. Maybe an 80% chance. Cross your fingers.