Friday, March 28, 2008

This is the type of shit...

This is the type of shit I have to deal with here at Prime.


I am adding another Team board to the order below. This time do not ask our driver"What do you want now". I do not understand why you always give people attitude, many of our shops owners would rather have Prime ship their orders instead of picking them up because they do not like dealing with you. Try smiling sometime it may improve your overall personality with the public you deal with . After all without their business you would not have a job.


This was in my mail box this morning. If you are reading this chances are you know that I'm an ass but I would also hope that you would know that I'm just a sarcastic asshole. Not sure that makes a difference and maybe I should tone it down at times but in this case I say fuck it. Diana works for a skateboard company called Armada. She is the mother of the owner, Al Garcia. She felt the need to step in to deal with me (and Prime) because Al was upset with my honesty. Without going in to a long back story I will simply state two examples that will explain my shitty attitude, or non-smiling, as Diana might say...

#1: Armada has bounced a check for $20. Not once but twice.


#2: Armada orders are usually in the ball park of 1 or 2 decks at a time. I do not have time (and believe me when I tell you how much of my and Erika's time they take up) to deal with a company or shop that can not produce orders of any quantity let alone pay for them...

This is some kind of hobby time and should be treated as such. Did I ask the poor kid "what do you want now?" You can probably guess that I did but as I said before - fuck it. You have to be kidding me when you roll in for 2 boards. And these orders, for the most part are for the "team". It is rare that a shop places an order. I know I'm a little rough but I do have a number of customers that have stuck with me over the past 10years of skateboard sales excellence. That's got to count for something right..? Why Phil (the missing Prime brother - he's not here often enough for me to take a photo) deals with Al and his Armada I'll never know. I just do not get it....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Abrasive Specialties!

So, the best thing going in the damn place is on the side of a box. A box.